Centre for Symbiosis of Technology, Environment & Management

Formulation of GIS based Master Plan for AMRUT Cities – Package – 2 Towns (Siddipet UDA, Mahabubnagar, Miriyalguda and Nizamabad UDA (Area: 669 Sq.km) in Telangana State.

The project is in consortium with AARVEE Associates, Hyderabad, as the lead. Duration of the Project is 9 months starting Nov 2019. The scope of the work is Preparation of GIS based Master Plan for the horizon year 2041 and entails

  • To verify GIS base maps supplied with reference to the ground position and develop a database by comparing available secondary data and maps carrying out primary surveys wherever necessary and through consultation with concerned stakeholders
  • To review the existing Master Plan and identify the key issues to be addressed in revised Master Plan
  • To analyze the data, carryout forecasts, identify key issues to be addressed in the long term plan for consultation
  • To prepare a revised general Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan-2041) along with zoning and development control regulations for sanction and adoption by the ULB as per the statutory provisions.