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SR-29-2016 (i) Fluorosis Mitigation in Tamil Nandu, (ii) Manual in Tamil for Health Worker, (iii) Household Survey by Village Volunteer Force, (iv) Salient Features of the Project, (v) Use of Folk Media For Creating Awareness
SR-28-2015 (i) Annual Performance Assessment of LSGs in Kerala, (ii) Rationalising and Developing Planning and Management of Urban Development in Karnataka, (iii) Rajasthan Urban Database Indicators (RUDBI) under RUIS for 6 Cities in Rajasthan, (iv) City Level Investment Plans (CLIPs) for 15 Towns in Karnataka, (v) City Development Plan (CDP) for 3 Towns in Madhya Pradesh, (vi) Evaluation of Systems and Processes of NREGA in Karnataka, (vii) General Town Plans (GTPs) for 4 Towns of Andhra Pradesh, (xi) Rapid Appraisal for 20 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Karnataka........
SR-27-2014 (i) Evaluation of Mid-day Meals Scheme (MDMS) in Karnataka, (ii) Technical Assistance for European Commission (EC)-assisted State Partnership Programme in Water Sector in Rajasthan, (iii) Professional Staff Support Unit for Capacity Building Activities of JnNURM and Other Schemes at Ministry of Urban Development, (iv) Annual Performance Assessment of Local Self-Governments in Kerala, (v) Technical Support Organisation (TSO) for Fluorosis Mitigation Project, (vi) Professional Enrichment Programmes (PEPs)
SR-26-2013 (i) Research & Professional Services For Project Evaluation (ii) Extending Community Development And technical back-up (iii) Stem Society - A quarter century in Retrospect (iv) Professional Services For Managerial capacity building (v) Professional Enrichment Programmes (vi) Stem Sliver Jublee Celebration
SR/25/2012 (i) Capacity - building in Health & Sanitation Sectors (ii) Silver Jublee Year 2012, 25 years in research, consultancy and capacity-building. (iii) Rehabilitation & Resettelment (R&R) of Project Affected Persons (PAP's). (iv) Project Review and Evaluation in Forestry and Health Sectors
SMR/ 02/ 2011 Infrastructure Planning and Development of Urban Agglomerations in Four States: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan
SMR/ 01/ 2010 (i) Managing Gaps in Rural Infrastructure: Reflections on Bharat Nirman; (ii) Taking Stock of Karnataka’s Forests; (iii) Professional Enrichment Programmes (PEPs) from MINDS
Matrics-2009 (i) Town Planning at Crossroads: Crisis in Urban Development and Governance; (ii) Experience in Sanitation & Hygiene Promotion; (iii) Infrastructure Planning: STEM further consolidates its Domain Expertise; (iv) Training & Awareness Programmes.
SR-23A/2007 (i) Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (RWS&S) - Sector Status Assessments in Three States: Tamil Nadu, Tripura & UP; (ii) Change Management in RWS&S Sector.
SR-23/2006 (i) Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (RWS&S) -- Sector Status Assessments in Three States: Tamil Nadu, Tripura & UP; (ii) MINDS Crosses Important Milestones.
SR-22/2006 (i) SHP Management Consultancy for 'Jal Nirmal' -- Spearheading Sanitation & Hygiene Promotion (SHP) in Rural Karnataka; (ii) Consolidating Sectoral Capability: STEM Forges Ahead.
SR-21/2005 (i) UP Sodic Lands Reclamation Project (UPSLRP): (a) Assessment of Participatory Management Process; and (b) Evaluation of Privatization of Agriculture Extension. (ii) UP Diversified Agriculture Support Project (UPDASP): (a) Evaluation of Impact of Training; and (b) Developing Human Capital.
SR-20/2004 School of Management for Infrastructure and Development Strategies – India (MINDS) [A special issue in conjunction with the inauguration of MINDS]
SR-19/2004 Housing in Karnataka: Present Scenario & Likely Demand by 2011
SR-18/2004 Revisiting Land Use Planning & Development Plan Process
SR-17/2003 Taking Stock of Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) Schemes: (a) Assessment of the "Voluntariness" of Tribal Families in Relocating from Nagarhole National Park to Nagapura Village; and (b) Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of Implementation of Economic Rehabilitation Programme (ERP) for Project Affected Persons (PAPs) under the Sri Ram Sagar Project (SRSP).
SR-16/2003 Project Review & Evaluation: (a) Review & Evaluation of Programmes under JBIC-assisted Forestry & Environment Project for the Eastern Plains of Karnataka; and (b) Evaluation of Implementation of National Pulses Development Programme (NPDP) in Karnataka.
SR-15/2002 Research & Consultancy (R&C) in IPPs and Health Projects: (a) R&C in Health Systems Development in UP, Karnataka & AP; and (b) R&C for other Health-related Projects.
SR-14/2001 Towards better Health, Sanitation & Hygiene in Rural Karnataka: (a) Study of Knowledge, Attitude & Practices (KAP); (b) Formulation of an Impact Assessment Framework; and (c) Development of Sanitation & Hygiene Promotion (SHP) Strategy.
SR-13/2001 (i) Agriculture Market Infrastructure & Prices: A Study of Northern & Malnad Regions of Karnataka; (ii) Identification of User Needs for setting up Agro-Climatic Planning & Information Bank (APIB): A Survey of Tumkur, Bijapur & Shimoga Districts of Karnataka; (iii) Agriculture Market Infrastructure & Credit Services: A Study of Tumkur, Bijapur & Shimoga Districts of Karnataka; and (iv) Design of Market Data Analysis for APIB based on a Survey of Paddy & Ragi Matrkets of Tumkur District in Karnataka
SR-12/2001 (i) RIDF Projects in Karnataka: A Social Audit; (ii) Farm Forestry in Karnataka: A Performance Evaluation & Suggestions for Improvement; (iii) Rainwater Harvesting in Bangalore: A Conceptual Frame.
SR-11/2000 A Techno-Economic Profile of Bangalore’s IT Industry.
SR-10/1999 (i) Implementation of Urban Master Plans in India – An Objective Review; and (ii) Impact Evaluation of IDSMT Scheme in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.
SR-09/1999 (i) Industrial HWM in Karnataka: Implementation of Existing Environmental Laws – A Case Study of Bangalore; and (ii) Stone Crushing Sector in Bangalore Rural & Urban Districts: Broad Review of Safer Zones, Alternative Enviro-Technological Options.
SR-08/1998 Housing & Key Building Materials in India: A Long-Term Perspective 1991-2011.
SR-07/1998 Management Consultancy for Health, Sanitation & Hygiene Education (HSHE) for Rural Karnataka.
SR-06/1997 Indian Building Materials & Products: Directory & Information Bank.
SR-05/1997 Health Care Facilities in Non-government Sector in Karnataka.
SR-04/1997 Feasibility Study and Financial Operating Plan (FOP) for Local Bodies in the State of Tamil Nadu.
SR-03/1996 Environmental Management Plan for Madras-Mamallapuram Coastal Stretch
SR-02/1996 Family Welfare Project for Urban Slums in Bangalore.
SR-01/1996 Effective Demand for Housing in Tamil Nadu.

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