Centre for Symbiosis of Technology, Environment & Management

Sectoral Strategies/ Policies

Water sector strategy papers were prepared for Indian states and also in Sudan. Other sector strategy/policy papers are for urban development; Reproductive and Child Health (RCH); Bangalore Health City; solar energy, habitat etc.

  • Sector Study of Water & Sanitation in The Sudan
  • Solar Power Policy of Karnataka
  • Evolving a Model for Earmarking 20-25% Land for LIG/ EWS Category
  • Establishing Energy-Water Nexus to Support Power Sector Reforms
  • Updating RWS&S Sector Strategy Paper from 2000-2005 to 2006-2015
  • Concept Paper on Urban Development Programme in the West Coast District of Karnataka
  • A Conceptual Frame for Rainwater Harvesting in Bangalore